Dan Naden

Goalkeeper Coach

Dan Naden

Coaching Info

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

FC Westlake Email: dnaden@westlakesoccer.com.com)

Cell Phone: (512) 851-7374

Coaching Qualifications:

  • US Soccer – E License


As a former high school and collegiate (Division 1) goalkeeper, Dan gets a charge out of inspiring youngsters to master the position of goalkeeper. Putting on the gloves and playing goalkeeper isn’t just about diving to make saves, it’s about being a leader with your communication, body language and mindset. Dan believes that being a goalkeeper will help you grow as a leader and collaborator – not just on the field, but in life.

There is no perfect game as a ‘keeper’, although you, as a leader on the field, should put yourself in position to succeed by preparing and practicing for each moment. Each practice and game gives you a blueprint to know where you can improve. It may be distributing the ball decisively, controlling and playing the ball with your feet, or rising above the fray to secure a cross in the game’s waning minutes. Goalkeeping is challenging, yet it can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying to know you played a part in your team’s growth.

Dan strongly believes in the following goalkeeping tenets:
a) Goalkeeping doesn’t have to be scary.
b) You aren’t letting your team down when you make a mistake (ie: let in a goal).
c) Goalkeeping is fun!! (once you understand the fundamentals)
d) Goalkeepers must be very athletic and confident.

Dan looks forward to helping your son or daughter have the time of their life when gametime arrives.