Elite Program


FC Westlake Elite Program provides opportunities for players to compete at the highest levels of play possible.

The commitment level of the players, parents and coaches in our Elite program is higher than our Competitive I,II & III programs. Elite Teams will train 3 times a week and the training sessions are designed to test and improve all players in their  Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological attributes.

Our Elite Program is also designed to promote togetherness, family, community, work rate, discipline and being humble.
In line with our club-wide FC Westlake DNA, all Elite Program players are learning to become not only better soccer players on the field but also great human beings off of it.


Elite Program - Game model

Elite program faq's

Elite Program Leagues


    ECNL Boys- Regional League

    ECNL - Regional League An Elite Boys platform under the ECNL banner which gives access to an Elite level of competition, showcases and other events.

  • Elite 64


    USYS Elite64 - As the elite club-based platform in the USYS National League, Elite 64 clubs have access to other USYS and National League competitions, such as the National League Conferences and National League P.R.O., to create a complete developmental pathway within a single organization. 

  • frontier_logo

    Frontier Conference

    Frontier Conference - A regional team based competition with the winners qualifying for the National League. Our region consists of the whole of North Texas, South Texas and Oklahoma.

  • ECNL-Regional-League Girls

    USC ECNL - Regional League

    USC ECNL - Regional LeagueA high level Boys & Girls platform under the ECNL Girls banner which gives access to a highly competitive league within South Texas.

Elite Program Directors