Junior Elite Program


FC Westlake's Junior Elite Program is for the highest level of players playing U-10 through U-12.  For these teams, the aim is to prepare them for the Elite platforms which they will play in when they eventually are a true to age U-13 team.

The highest level U-10 team that play in the Junior Academy will play up a year into the Junior Elite program to play against U-11 teams.
Junior Elite Teams will train 3 times a week and the training sessions are designed to test and improve all players in their  Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological attributes.

Our Junior Elite Program is also designed to promote togetherness, family, community, work rate, discipline and being humble.
In line with our club-wide FC Westlake DNA, all Junior Elite players are learning to become not only better soccer players on the field but also great human beings off of it.

12B Elite 2

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