Westlake DNA

What We Believe

At FC Westlake we help our soccer players grow and mature by giving them opportunities to learn new skills and meet new challenges. Successes are praised, while mistakes are corrected with discretion, patience and a positive attitude.  Every player, regardless of skill level, is valued and is readily accepted as a contributing member of the team. We conduct our practices and our games to show respect for both the needs of the individual and the needs of the team

How We Achieve This

  • By providing high quality training sessions.

  • By ensuring that every player is placed at the correct level of play.

  • By providing a variety of services which accommodate all.

  • By implementing a competitive environment

  • By ensuring fair play and sportsmanship is observed

Our approach

Playing Style

  • Attacking soccer
  • Purposeful possession
  • Quick decision making
  • Developing a growth mindset.
  • Technically Proficient
  • Creative & Courageous 

Coaching Style

  • Providing a child centered program through a thoughtful curriculum
  • Changing the approach to each format of the game as players graduate through the levels.
  • Creating a holistic approach to coaching through reality based practices. 

Community Based

We aim to serve the families of the local area by: 

  • Providing community outreach programs
  • Providing soccer lessons to schools in the local area
  • Providing financial aid to ensure that no child misses out.
  • Supporting local businesses