Junior Academy Program


Jr Academy U6-U10

We aim to give players the foundation on which they will build all of their soccer success and experiences.  Basic skill mastery and an understanding of simple tactical ideas will be our bricks, and a love for the sport will be the mortar that holds it all together.  The program is meant to be developmental and fun-based, but we will not shy away from the challenge of teaching them how to play.

Please use the link below if you are interested in registering for the FC Westlake Junior Academy Central Program.  All team practices will be in the Westlake area and all games will be in the Austin area.

Junior Academy Preseason Camp

Our annual Preseason camp will be returning for 2024! The camp will get the players a head start on the Fall season, working with our Junior Academy leadership and staff.

The camp will focus on both the technical and tactical sides of the game to give the players as many touches of the ball as possible.

Register now for a great week of camp!

Camp Details

Dates: Monday August 5th - Thursday August 8th (4 Days)

Location: Cedar Creek Elementary School

Times: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


game model

Game Play In Practice

Playing games is essential.  

At the Academy level, children learn and develop to their fullest potential through game-like experience in an enjoyable environment that supports individual growth.

Playing is not only essential to having fun, developing social skills, fostering creativity, improving dexterity, and promoting sportsmanship; playing games is where players hone their instincts for the sport.  How does a great player know just the right moment to pause, the exact second to change direction, and anticipate opportunities before they appear?  They’ve practiced it 1,000 times without even knowing they were practicing…they thought they were just having fun playing a game.  


The very first thing our players have to learn is how to be effective, how to fend for themselves, and to be confident enough to take part in the game.  Mistakes will be forgiven and poor decisions will be excused, but we want our players to be brazen, bold, and audacious enough to get out there and try things.  Be assertive and play, let the chips fall where they may.  Meanwhile, the most fundamental skill in soccer is individual mastery of the ball and the creativity that comes with it.  Our sessions are built around facilitating the development of the skills necessary to move and control the ball well.  As the individual skills and the creativity to make them come alive in the game are developed to a level of competence, the finer points, like passing and team organization, can be taught. The most common phrases used with our U7 & U8’s are, “Go! Go! Go!” “Dribble!” & “Control the ball.”


Academy soccer at U9 is where we see the most significant jump in our players’ abilities and general understanding of the game.  With this in mind, we want to try to encourage comfort with the ball and the confidence to use this skill creatively.  Our teams at this age should be full of "little dribblers,” so we can start to slowly introduce and organize the art of finding space, moving without the ball, and combining with your teammates.  The most common phrase used with our U9’s is, “Find Space!” & “Go and support!”


We want our U10’s to be able to recognize and understand how the skills learned in U7, U8, & U9 are connected to solving problems during play.  The goal is to develop players who are clever, and able to quickly and effectively make “soccer decisions.”  The most common phrases used with our U10’s are, “Play when you don’t have the ball” and “Was that a good decision?” 

Junior academy FAQ's

Junior Academy Important Information

Fall 2024 Academy Important Dates
  • August 19th - Season Begins
  • August 24/25th - Intra-Club Scrimmages
  • August/Sept 31st/1st - Intra-Club Scrimmages
  • Sept 7/8th - Intra-Club Scrimmages
  • Sept 9th - Final Teams Announced
  • Nov 2/3rd - FC Westlake Jr. Academy Soccer Festival
  • Nov 9/10th - FC Westlake Jr. Academy Soccer Festival
  • Nov 10th - End of Season 

Junior Academy Directors

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